In science and in mythology, a blue moon is a rare occurrence; one that indicates a special, enthralling event for those who experience it. We offer exactly this savoir - faire to each of our undertakings.  A service standard so exquisite, so rare in today’s exacting world, one instantly feels the BMT difference.

24x7 Availability

Our expert advisors cater to wide ranging time zones; catering to our existing clientele spread across the globe; this ensures a 24x7 availability to all our clients, with dedicated account managers.

360* Support

Our wide network enables our experts to allow for 360* support, door to door management, wherever on the map you are. We pride ourselves in offering an exhaustive service menu that ensures your requirements are looked after within the same communication sphere.

Travel Policy

We help you design, implement, and update a complete written travel policy, with procedures to be followed by the travelers; this helps in controlling travel expenses and ensures savings for the company.


BMT recognizes the need to have flexible models, catering to each client’s business, as per their requirement.

Tailored Account Management

We provide expert and unique solutions to help you manage your travel requirements and expenses. Our wide range of services are tailor made and modified to suit your exacting needs and travel policies.

Standardized MI Data

We offer standardized reports designed to suit all administrative and accounting databases.